Thursday, June 16, 2011

First Draft Complete!


Dear Readers,

Thank you to all of you who read Touch as I posted this first draft a chapter at a time. I apologize that due to other projects the posting was so infrequent these last couple of months. I hope you found it to be an entertaining story. Personally, I have really enjoyed watching this idea grow.

After I allow this manuscript to rest a month or two, I plan on returning to Touch to give it a final polish. Hopefully, by the end of this summer I will have this novel available for readers as a free ebook in multiple formats. I also plan on putting out a paperback edition for those who might be interested in purchasing a copy.

For those of you who were waiting till I reached the end before reading this thing: Well, it is now complete. At least this first draft. I have the complete table of contents below for easy reference:

Thank you again for reading!!!



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